Curriculum Vitae

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

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Highlighted Speaking Engagements

2015 Select Invited Events:

  • UCLA, Anderson School of Business
  • Government Accountability Office 
  • Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI)
  • Istituto di Scienze Cognitive
  • Greater Good Science Center  
  • Young Presidents' Orginzation (YPO), Berlin
  • Stanford School of Medicine 

2014 Select Invited Events:

  • Yukon Teachers' Association
  • Naropa University
  • Colorado Association for Gifted & Talented
  • The Blue School, Empathy and Compassion in Society
  • Siegel-Gottman Summit
  • Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Stanford Medicine X
  • UMinn Wellbeing Center
  • Dalai Lama Conference: Compassion in Education, Rotterdam
  • Minnesota Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
  • UCSD Center for Mindfulness: Bridging the Hearts and Minds of Youth

2013 Select Invited Events:

  • The Prince Mahidol Award Conference, World Health Organization One Health, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology Summit, London, England
  • TEDx Prague
  • McLean/Harvard Hospital Conference, plenary speaker, Boston, MA
  • UCLA Attachment Conferences, How People Change: Relationships and Neuroplasticity in Psychotherapy
  • Google Talk, keynote speaker, San Francisco, CA

2012 Select Invited Events:

  • Wisdom 2.0, keynote speaker, Silicon Valley, CA
  • RSA: Royal Society of Arts: The Emerging Mind: How Relationships and the Embodied Brain Shape Who We are, keynote speaker, London, UK

2011 Select Invited Events:

  • American Psychological Association, featured speaker, Washington, D.C.
  • Google Talks, two keynotes, Kirkland and Seattle, WA

2010 Select Invited Events:

  • American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training, keynote address, Orlando, FL
  • 2010 Mindfulness in Education Conference, keynote speaker, Cambridge, MA
  • 70 Years after Freud, “La Caixa” Foundation, featured speaker, Madrid, Spain
  • Healing and Transformation: Buddhist Wisdom & Neuroscientific Insight with Jack Kornfield, Seattle and San Francisco
  • National Head Start Research Conference, master lecture, Washington, D.C.
  • Mindfulness in Education Conference at Omega Institute, keynote speaker, Rhinebeck, NY
  • Featured presenter for “Beyond Survival” national tour in Australia
  • UCLA: Adult Attachment and Interpersonal Neurobiology with Mary Main and Erik Hesse

2009 Select Invited Events:

  • Los Angeles School Superintendants Day-long Workshop on Mindful Awareness
  • UC Berkeley Day-long Workshop on Education
  • American Association of School Superintendants Annual Meeting Keynote
  • Greek Psychological Association Annual Meeting, keynote speaker, Athens, Greece
  • Honorary Lectureship, University of Santa Clara
  • Fetzer Keynote on Neuroscience and Spirituality
  • Chautauqua Keynote on the Brain, Mindsight, and Education, New York
  • Plenary Speaker, Zero to Three Conference, Dallas, Texas
  • Peace Summit Panel with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Vancouver, Canada
  • Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, invited lecturer, Anaheim, California

2008 Select Invited Keynote Addresses:

  • Seeds of Compassion Conference with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Seattle, WA
  • New York University Medical School, New York
  • Garrison Institute, New York
  • Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Harvard
  • Los Angeles County Department of Education
  • Claremont School of Theology Neuroscience and Spirituality with Allan Wallace
  • Zero to Three Annual Conference: Intervention with Military Families, Los Angeles, CA

2007 Select Invited Keynote Addresses:

  • California Department of Education Annual Educators Conference, Asilomar, CA
  • Harvard University Academy of Medicine Special Seminar on Mindfulness in Medicine
  • Psychotherapy Networker Annual Meeting, two keynotes, Washington, D.C.
  • Alfred Adler International Meeting, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Annual Trauma Conference, Boston University/Trauma Center
  • Contemplation, Mindfulness and Medicine, Cologne, Germany
  • Mindfulness, Temperament and the Brain for Business Leaders, Burren, Ireland
  • Spirituality and Science in Honor of the 550th Birthday of the University of Freiburg with HH the Dalai Lama, Freiburg, Germany
  • Buddhism and Science for the King of Thailand's 80th Birthday, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Rural Cap Alaska Early Childhood Educators, Anchorage, AK
  • UCLA Extension Program on Mindfulness in Psychotherapy with The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Children Uniting Nations, Congressional Hearing on Children, Washington, D.C.
  • Stanford University Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Seminar, Palo Alto, CA
  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary 100th Anniversary of Social Work Department Seminar, Harvard University
  • Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice Department Symposium, Los Angeles, CA
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia Conference, Vancouver, B.C.

2006 Select Invited Keynote Addresses:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Northern California Chapter, Carmel, CA
  • Norway Psychiatric Invitational, Oslo, Norway
  • United Way conference for Teachers and Parents, Westport, CT
  • Children's Institute International Centennial Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration International Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mind and Life Research Institute/The Garrison Institute Conference, Garrison, NY

1999-2005 Select Invited Keynote Addresses:

  • Pope John Paul II and The Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family
  • Psychiatric Hospital of Tokyo, Japan
  • International EMDR Conference, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Child Psychiatry Association, Helsinki, Finland
  • Danish Psychotherapy Society, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Doctors Against Child Abuse, New Zealand

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